Ecodesign Studio,
the software for eco-design

Ecodesign Studio, the software to ecodesign.
The software Ecodesign Studio is also available in English.

To do eco-design, you will probably need a software like Ecodesign Studio. Technically, the whole eco-design process could be done by hand with a spreadsheet and access to the right databases. But in reality, a software becomes indispensable in a dynamic of profitability and efficiency for projects in companies. Do you want to participate in the circular economy? If so, the article below will interest you.

Ecodesign Studio, what is it?

Ecodesign Studio is a software that allows you to structure an eco-design approach. Globally, it is a collaborative project management tool, linked to databases that are specific to circular economy and eco-design.
Ecodesign Studio allows to practice eco-design within the company, making it fluid and structured. Many experts are involved in an eco-design project. This is why an easily available collaborative platform is a considerable advantage.

The software is accessible :

  • either with a secure session thanks to a web browser via our server
  • or via a complete installation on the client server

Also, the data handled by the customer may be sensitive. And in this case, it must be secured by choosing the right type of installation according to the customer’s constraints. A prior discussion is necessary!

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What you can do with Ecodesign Studio

The Ecodesgin Studio software includes more than a dozen modules necessary for eco-design. Each user must configure a particular eco-design scenario according to the nature and constraints of his activity. Scenarios can be diverse and varied. Scenario models can also be made available when starting out.

The main modules of the Ecodesign Studio software include :
– carry out the environmental assessment of a product
– manage its nomenclatures
– generate life cycle assessments
– run redesign simulations
– build an action plan

One of the particular points of the software is that it invites to accelerate the search for solutions and to stimulate innovation by bringing a global visibility of the whole eco-design process.

Ecodesign Studio also allows you to implement ISO 14001 certification by offering a clear step-by-step approach. The whole, presented in the form of a dashboard that gathers the key metrics of the implementation of the standard.

One of the most important aspects of the software is its fluid and collaborative interface that allows for a pleasant and simplified user experience. Eco-design requires the manipulation of a lot of data in order to draw a viable conclusion. The presentation and visual organization of the project make the difference on this point.

Finally, Ecodesign Studio adapts to your business processes and tools. Integration is easy and the technical team is always reactive to make the necessary adaptations for a painless adaptation to your workflow.

Results with Ecodesign Studio

What can we expect from Ecodesign Studio software? If we had to summarize things simply, this software will bring you :

  • precise eco-design
  • smooth project management
  • reliable processes that can be adapted to your tools
  • intuitive and logical innovation

Did you know that: The ADEME which is the french gouvernemental agency for ecodesign and circular economy,  published in 2014 a complete study available for free here in pdf format. This study demonstrates the profitability of an eco-design approach. Indeed, the study notes that in 96% of cases, eco-designing a product has a positive or neutral impact on the profits generated by the company.

What does it look like?

To join words to images, you will find below some screenshots that present the different workspaces of the Ecodesign Studio software. For an in-depth presentation, you can visit this page.

Ecodesign Studio allows you to reduce the environmental impact of your products at the end of their life cycle. The choice of raw materials, the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), and the use of biosourced raw materials are part of the stages of the ecodesign cycle.

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Taking into account packaging, transport, but also energy consumption when designing the product are also important aspects to develop an environmentally friendly product and contribute to the emergence of a circular economy.

Where to find Ecodesign Studio software?

If you want to receive a demonstration and a complete presentation of the Ecodesign Studio software, you can simply go to this page and follow the guide (estimated reading time: 1 minute).

For ecological design and product design that respects the environment, Ecodesign Studio software will probably be adapted to your needs. The best is to ask for a demonstration by going to this page.

What people think about Ecodesign Studio :

« One of the keys to the industry of the future lies in the profound rethinking of product design methods. The eco-design approach brings added value both environmentally and economically by reducing costs in many areas and thus improving competitiveness.  » Alexis Gilles, R&D manager at Mil’s and user of Ecodesign Studio.

« Ecodesign Studio is an excellent tool for the design office. The comparison of the environmental impact between 2 materials or 2 manufacturing methods is very easy to make and allows to make choices in pre-study at the design office and to draw generalities.  » Serge Horellou, General Manager at Couédic Madoré Équipements.

History of the project

The historical goal of the software is to make sustainable development and cost optimization go hand in hand.

This is logical because when you want to design a product with limited environmental impact, you inevitably play on the quantity of materials involved, the type of substances and raw materials, energy efficiency, reuse of recycled products, optimisation of transport and supply costs, etc.

All of these elements put together over the entire product cycle naturally generate economies of scale and stimulate the search for innovation in product design.

The founding ideas of the software

The idea of Ecodesign Studio came from a career in business consulting in the field of circular economy.

The idea of Ecodesign Studio was born from the fact that the old tools available, such as the SimaPro software, are not completely optimized and are not user-friendly in companies. The Ecodesign Studio software is less expert than SimaPro, but much more accessible for the majority of eco-design and LCA needs.

Ecodesign Studio aims to lower the costs of entry into the world of circular economy, by offering a fairer invoicing adapted to the needs of each user.

The collaborative dimension of an eco-design approach has also been neglected for a long time by previous versions of eco-design software. This is why this development axis is a priority for Ecodesign Studio. Because an eco-design approach requires the participation of many experts for a viable and coherent result.

If you have read me to the end and are interested, I invite you to complete your reading by visiting this page.

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Guillaume Jouanne
After a long experience in business consulting, I now manage the start-up Altermaker, which designs software solutions for eco-design and life cycle assessment. My objective is to help companies integrate the notion of environmental performance of their products and services.