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About your courses on eco-design and LCA…

The new solution for eco-design and LCA now free for teaching


Hello ! My name is Guillaume Jouanne and I’m the CEO of the start-up Altermaker.

On a personal basis, I have more than 10 years of experience in advising companies on eco-design and sustainable development. It’s a subject that fascinates me.

We are a specialized team in eco-design and our job is to offer software to companies to reduce their environmental impact.

Our partners and customers who use our software.
Our partners and customers who use our software, which we have the right to show you. 🙂

But before we go any further… I’d like to ask you a few questions:

As a teacher, have you ever been confronted with the following problems :

  • A lack of budget to use a software needed by students?
  • Endless updates and laborious installations?
  • The forced use of obsolete or little-used tools in companies?
  • Too limited access to databases to do good practical work?
  • Complete radio silence from the After-Sales Service while you’re stuck?

These things may seem normal to you and be part of the job.

Besides, it’s not your fault. But it’s not a fatality either.

Today we’re going to make your life easier.

Introducing Ecodesign Studio

We offer you and your students a free access to our software Ecodesign Studio, without engagement.

The Ecodesign Studio software allows you to do eco-design and life cycle analysis at will, simply and on a beautiful interface.


Why use Ecodesign Studio?

The advantages of Ecodesign Studio software are as follows :

  • A free and complete use of the software for education
  • Unlimited number of users for your students
  • The possibility to work as a team on the same project
  • Software available online without any installation required
  • Free and full access to the database and updates

You take care of students in international program and they don’t speak English? It’s not a problem.

Because the software is also directly available in French and English. Without any additional handling.

The new way to teach eco-design

Imagine for a moment the new version of your next practical work, with :

  • Easy creation of interesting and concrete assignments for your students
  • The disappearance of computer problems due to the software
  • The training of your students to a tool already recognized on the job market and used by several major universities around the world.

What does Ecodesign Studio software look like?

What they think…

Our partners and customers who use our software. We now systematically use Ecodesign Studio in our LCA and eco-design training. The training is easy to learn, which allows students to get into the practical side of professional practice very quickly. – Julien Boucher, PhD, founder of


Régis Vonarb, Lean Management Manager at LiebherrEcodesign Studio is an extremely easy to use lifecycle analysis tool for manufacturers/designers in design offices. This software allows to democratize both awareness and improvement actions very early in the product life cycle. Also, the industrial partners to whom I presented this solution during my conference were impressed by its ease of implementation. – Dr Régis Vonarb, Lean Management Manager at Liebherr, trainer for Connect Manager 4.1 in collaboration with the CCI of the canton of Fribourg.

Markus Göranson, consultant ACV et éco-conception, MiljögiraffThe Ecodesign Studio software was chosen at the Nordiska Textil Akademin in Borås (Sweden) for its ease of use and the possibility of integrating it into a course on LCA. Beginning students were able to perform their first LCA simply and without any prior knowledge. One of the students also used Ecodesign Studio for her final thesis. – Markus Göranson, LCA and eco-design consultant, Miljögiraff

They already offer Ecodesign Studio to their students:

  • Troyes University of Technology – Master IMEDD
  • IUT Moselle Est – Licence Pro eco-design in composite plastics processing
  • Geneva University –
  • Sustainability Management School –
  • DAS sustainable management –
  • University of Applied Sciences of Engineering and Management of the Canton of Vaud-

Get now your free access to Ecodesign Studio software

Our partners and customers who use our software.

I suggest that you keep it simple and choose the option below that suits you best.

IMPORTANT : if this page is still online, it’s because our proposal is still current.

However, due to the recent increase in applications, we have set a maximum limit of 20 educational partners for this year.

Why? Because we want to guarantee you a quality accompaniment.

If the search for viable software is urgent for you, we invite you not to wait to contact us. We will add you to the list of our educational partners.

It’s your turn to play !

Thank you for reading me and I sincerely hope that I can help you better teach eco-design to future generations.

Please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at if you have any further questions.

On behalf of the entire Altermaker team, I wish you an excellent day.

Guillaume Jouanne
CEO – Altermaker
Expert and consultant in eco-design