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Life-Cycle Assessment
and eco-design software

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Our credentials

Our expertise in LCA and eco-design

Data management and API

Access ecoinvent, Base IMPACTS®, AgriBalyse® and Environmental Footprint

Take advantage of optimized computing performance

Use our APIs directly in your services

Modeling and simulation

Model the life-cycle of your products in an intuitive and efficient way

Easily simulate the redesign of your products

Compare and plan your eco-design projects

Reporting and exports

Take advantage of advanced data visualization capabilities

Create your dashboards to feed your reporting

Export your results and document your process

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Our software ecosystem

300+ Users of our solutions
3.000+ Products modeled with our software
22.000+ Available impact data

Software innovation for product improvement

Altermaker has dual expertise in software development as well as eco-design and LCA.
This complementarity of skills allows us to propose a unique and adaptable offer. Our team is composed of specialized engineers and PhDs allowing us to ensure the methodological robustness of our models and solutions, while guaranteeing an excellent user experience, high technical performance and high data security.

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