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Ecodesign Studio, the software for eco-design

Looking for an eco-design software? Looking for more information on Ecodesign Studio? Do you need LCA software to make a product assessment?

How to choose an LCA software?

Are you looking for a software to do life cycle analysis? Do you want to do LCA in a simple way? You want to quickly evaluate the environmental impacts of your products?

Eco-design of a toilet brush

Eco-design concerns all fields. And sometimes unusual objects, and yet we use them every day. In this article, we will talk about BBB La Brosse. The first eco-designed toilet brush in the world!

Life Cycle Assessment : definition and example

What is the life cycle assessment of a product? How to make an LCA and a product assessment? How to evaluate the environmental impacts of a product?

Eco-design and circular economy

Since the industrial revolution, the ways of producing and consuming are based on abundant and easily available natural resources. This system follows a linear pattern: raw materials are extracted and sent to production, then offered for consumption. Waste is then stored or destroyed. This is called a linear economy.

Example of eco-design : Veja sneakers

Veja is a fashion company that produces sneakers. According to GQ magazine, Greta Thunberg could wear Veja sneakers without feeling guilty. Veja claims to have sold over 2 million pairs of shoes between 85 and 250 euros.

Why eco-design your products

Why do eco-design? What is the purpose of eco-design? To start an eco-design process is also to take a new look at one's products, trying to optimize them so that they have the same functionalities, while reducing their impact on the environment. In the end, we want a better overall performance of the product over its entire life cycle. This vision of things encourages creativity and innovation.

Eco-design : definition and example

Want to know more about eco-design? What is the definition of eco-design? You wonder what the purpose of eco-design is? Are you looking for famous eco-designers?

The little guide to environmental labeling

What are the environmental labeling sectors?

What is eco-design for products and goods

What is the purpose of eco-design? What is an eco-responsible product? What is ecological design?

FAQs on Life Cycle Assessment

This article collects the most common questions and answers about life cycle assessment. Discover the simplified glossary for LCA.