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What is the carbon footprint of the average French person?

Thanks to the Bilan Carbone, everyone can now become aware of their environmental impact and take action. Do you know what the average carbon footprint of a person living in France in 2021 is? How much CO2 is produced per year and per person? What is the share of housing in the carbon footprint of the French? All the answers are here.

Circular economy: definition and example

Since the industrial revolution, production and consumption patterns have been based on abundant and readily available natural resources. However, this familiar pattern of a linear economy does not fit the realities of the 21st century. In this article, we examine how the modern circular economy model helps to take care of the environment. We will also answer the following questions: what is the idea behind the circular economy? How can you participate in the circular economy?

Ecological footprint: definition and example

The judicious use of natural resources is crucial for the future of humanity. In the last decades, we have used so many resources that it is leading to depletion. We hear more and more questions. How is the ecological footprint calculated? What is the main purpose of the ecological footprint? What are the highest ecological footprints?

The life cycle of a product: definition and example

When a product is released to the market, it goes through several stages. Do you know what the stages of the product life cycle are? What is the product life cycle? Who invented the product life cycle? All the answers are here.

Ecology : simple definition and general principles

Today, the word "ecology" is exploited by marketers in all fields. We seem to have forgotten what is really behind the definition of ecology. Where does ecology come from? What is the purpose of ecology? Who is concerned by ecology? In this article, we will go deeper into the question. We will look at the subject of ecology not out of fashion, but out of genuine interest.

Eco-responsible and ecological product: definition and example

Switching to eco-friendly products has become a global trend. Marketers are using the prefix eco to try to attract consumers. But what really is an eco-friendly product? How do you identify a green product? What is the difference between organic and eco? Let's find out in our material.

Personal carbon footprint: how to calculate it ?

The carbon footprint is a methodology for diagnosing, measuring and analyzing GHG emissions that is widely used by companies. Its realization is now mandatory for the most important polluters. But did you know that individuals can also carry out their own ? Do you know your personal impact on the environment ? How to make your personal carbon footprint ? All the answers are here !

Becoming eco-responsible : approach, actions and examples

In the last decade, ecology has become a central concern. How to become an eco-responsible citizen? How to become an eco-responsible company? Why set up an eco-responsible approach? The theme of ecology and the human impact on it is developing more and more. Let's see how to live in the eco-reality.

Carbon footprint: definition and example

You have probably already heard of the carbon footprint of a product or activity. Since 2010, it is even mandatory for companies with more than 500 employees. But do you know exactly why you should do one? What is an ADEME Carbon Footprint? Do you know how to calculate it? All the answers are in this article.

Carbon footprint of a company: legal obligation and example

Did you know that since 2010 it is mandatory for companies with more than 500 employees to carry out a carbon footprint? How to calculate a company's carbon footprint? Which companies must do a carbon footprint? What is a company's carbon footprint? All the answers are in this article.

Ecodesign Studio, the software for eco-design

Looking for an eco-design software? Looking for more information on Ecodesign Studio? Do you need LCA software to make a product assessment?

How to choose an LCA software?

Are you looking for a software to do life cycle analysis? Do you want to do LCA in a simple way? You want to quickly evaluate the environmental impacts of your products?

Eco-design of a toilet brush

Eco-design concerns all fields. And sometimes unusual objects, and yet we use them every day. In this article, we will talk about BBB La Brosse. The first eco-designed toilet brush in the world!

Life Cycle Assessment : definition and example

What is the life cycle assessment of a product? How to make an LCA and a product assessment? How to evaluate the environmental impacts of a product?

Eco-design and circular economy

Since the industrial revolution, the ways of producing and consuming are based on abundant and easily available natural resources. This system follows a linear pattern: raw materials are extracted and sent to production, then offered for consumption. Waste is then stored or destroyed. This is called a linear economy.

Example of eco-design : Veja sneakers

Veja is a fashion company that produces sneakers. According to GQ magazine, Greta Thunberg could wear Veja sneakers without feeling guilty. Veja claims to have sold over 2 million pairs of shoes between 85 and 250 euros.

Why eco-design your products

Why do eco-design? What is the purpose of eco-design? To start an eco-design process is also to take a new look at one's products, trying to optimize them so that they have the same functionalities, while reducing their impact on the environment. In the end, we want a better overall performance of the product over its entire life cycle. This vision of things encourages creativity and innovation.

Eco-design : definition and example

Want to know more about eco-design? What is the definition of eco-design? You wonder what the purpose of eco-design is? Are you looking for famous eco-designers?

The little guide to environmental labeling

What are the environmental labeling sectors?
The differences between environmental labeling and the PEF
The obligations related to environmental labeling
Examples of environmental labeling

What is eco-design for products and goods

What is the purpose of eco-design? What is an eco-responsible product? What is ecological design?

FAQs on Life Cycle Assessment

This article collects the most common questions and answers about life cycle assessment. Discover the simplified glossary for LCA.