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Customized software for LCA and eco-design

For your specific needs, we develop and integrate customized solutions

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We adapt our solutions to your needs

Do you have a specific need and can't find the ideal software for your employees or stakeholders? In addition to being the publisher of the Ecodesign Studio platform, Altermaker can assist you in adapting, integrating or developing custom solutions. Our team of experienced developers and eco-design experts can help you deploy the solution that best fits your context, from the definition of needs to industrialization within your company.

Altermaker's dual expertise is the assurance of a successful integration. Our services range from the adaptation of existing solutions, such as Ecodesign Studio, to complete development according to your specifications and possibly integrated into your information system. Our technical support team also performs updates, maintenance and hosting of your solution to ensure the efficiency and peace of mind of your employees and stakeholders.

An agile development process

Feasibility study

Deploying a software solution for eco-design cannot be improvised. It requires an approach adapted to the level of maturity of your company, while taking into account your internal processes and the strategic ambition defined. In order to avoid implementing a "white elephant" and to guarantee the success of your approach, we start each project with a feasibility study aimed at correctly sizing and phasing the project.


Before entering the development or integration phase (depending on your needs), we write the project specifications for you. Two deliverables are established and submitted for your validation: the functional specifications which describe the behavior of the software and in particular its interfaces (mock-ups are made with you) and the technical specifications which detail the application functioning of the solution (environment, databases, languages, etc.).

Développement agile

We use the principles of agile methods to develop your project. Our customers are actors in the development of their solutions and can see the project take shape as it is integrated, through workshops and access to a pre-production environment. This approach allows for greater flexibility and the ability to shift priorities during the project to better fit your schedule. Each integration phase is controlled by a series of technical and functional tests. At Altermaker, we understand that your needs may change during the course of the project (as your internal methodology may change) and we are used to working in this way to ensure end-user satisfaction.


When all the integration loops have been validated by the corresponding tests, we take care of the deployment of your solution! This deployment can take various forms, depending on your internal procedures and your context of use of the solution. We adapt to your operating mode. Whatever your specificities, we can deploy the solution on your servers or on ours, independently or in consultation with your IT teams. Used to deploying for large groups, our organizational procedures are well established and continuously improved, especially in terms of security.

Continuous impovement

Once your solution has been deployed, we continue to put our experience and know-how at your disposal. We support, maintain and add features year after year. Feedback from users allows us to continuously improve the solution in terms of ergonomics, functionality and performance. In addition, as part of our specific developments and adaptations, we apply the quantitative and qualitative principles of Green IT in order to reduce the potential impact of the solution with regard to its associated emissions and the pressure on natural resources.

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