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Software innovation for eco-design

Facilitating the adoption of alternative and ecological product design: that's the message behind our identity. Founded in 2015, Altermaker is today a whole team specialized in software development and expert in eco-design, Life Cycle Assessment and environmental labelling. The team relies on the experience of its two co-founders, Florian Bratec and Guillaume Jouanne.

Florian (on the left) and Guillaume (on the right) met in Troyes, in 2011. Guillaume, an engineer in industrial systems, was then an eco-design consultant and accompanied companies of all sizes and all sectors in their environmental performance processes. Florian, a doctor in systems sustainability but also a software developer, was assisting tourism professionals in the French experimentation of the environmental display of consumer products and services. They both participated in the first working groups aimed at framing this approach. Through their experiences and encounters, they came to an observation that was as obvious as it was problematic: eco-design approaches are too often carried out by experts and for experts.

The idea is then launched! In 2015, Guillaume and Florian launched the Altermaker adventure together. With their experience, they capitalize on their know-how to offer ergonomic and efficient software. Democratizing the adoption of eco-design by relying on software innovation is a challenge made possible with the support of solid industrial, economic and scientific partners.

Launched in 2016, the Ecodesign Studio platform has already modeled thousands of products. In addition to this software, Altermaker also develops customized solutions for various industrial sectors such as textile, furniture, stationery, mechanical or even food.

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