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Cookies management

What is a cookie?

On the web, a cookie is data stored in a text file on the user's terminal. When browsing the internet, the browser (e.g. Mozilla Fierfox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, ...) can access these files in order to modify the behavior of the visited website or to record information. The cookie can, for example, allow to remember a password, to build a shopping cart or simply to record a user's visit. The cookies are generally useful for tracking website traffic: this data enables website optimization.
The cookies files are specific to each website, strictly personal and contain a value allowing the proper functioning of the website or behavioral information from the user. These files do not contain any personal information such as name or age.

Why are there cookies on this website?

The only cookies used on this website are those for audience measurement. In order to track and analyze the traffic on our website, we use the Google Analytics tool. This tool works by using cookies to track the visitor's path. We optimize the structure and content of our website using this tool. As this website does not contain any advertising elements, the cookies stored are in no way used to display targeted content: the content of this website is identical for each visitor.
As described in the Google Analytics documentation, the lifetime of stored cookies can range from 10 seconds to 2 years.

Storage preferences

By browsing this website, as indicated in the legal notices, the user accepts the presence of the cookie for audience measurement.
In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Directive 2002/58/EC, as a user of this website, you have however the possibility to oppose the registration of cookies used by our audience measurement tool. If this is the case, please be aware that we will ask for your consent each time you visit because, without cookie, it is impossible for the website to remember your preferences for allowing cookies or not.

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